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zombie rotten mcdonald

I dunno.. I'm a bit scared.

If BG is no longer in a Red State, what else will be changing? what other fundamental changes will be happening?

Will Snag become a vegan? Will Pinko become coherent, and a bookkeeper? Will AG get married? Maybe fish will become a shorebird and confuse everybody. The Republic of Dogs will allow Cats.

Zelmo will start buying me beers on a consistent basis. Silent Mike will start commenting. Mukwonago Nick will admit that he's really a Democrat. Jennifer will Say No.

Brando could even stop being funny.

No, I'm not sure I am willing to support a world where Opus no longer appears on a weekly basis.


I sooo want to live in a blue state. C'mon Ohio, make BG change her blog name.

blue girl

You guys, I am freaking out right now. Aren't you? McCain seems to be up in every state? Am I being paranoid?


Freakin' out? <1% to 3% counted , where they've started counting, last I heard. I'd guess that the small places , with fewer to count ( i.e. heavily Republican areas ) such as here ( total voters ~800) , will be the first counted . Nothing to worry about yet .

Kathleen in Oakland

I think you did it BG!!!


I think we live in a Blue State! Woo hoo!

Dan Leo

Blue Girl in a Blue State: do your happy dance.

M.A. Peel

A transformational moment on so many levels!! Love your new artwork.

zombie rotten mcdonald

now if you only learn the correct way to eat an ice cream cone

or so I hear.


Party on, Blue Girl. And hoist one to the memory of Paul Wellstone, a patriot if there's ever been one.

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