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Oh, BG, your vignettes always break my heart. This one makes me need a hug. xo


That is so unlike my experience shopping with my children that it's like reading science fiction. Beautifully written science fiction, however.

Jenny (Surfer Kid's Mom)

As I was saying "Happy Birthday" into the phone
to my 19 year old daughter who is away at college,
it struck me how I would give anything to have those
"grocery store" moments with her again.......and how
glad I am that I "got it" while they were happening.


BG- you seem to be mentioning cute little kids a lot... should we be expecting news soon??? :)

blue girl

Hug Claire.

lol Snag and thanks.

Jenny: The Outlaw is 19!! I'll call you.

Jennifer, there does seem to be something in the blog water. First, TLB then Deeples and now Kathleen.

But, I can *assure* you that I won't be partaking in such shenanigans!


The dad's reaction makes me sad, probably because I miss grocery shopping with little ones. My youngest started kindergarten this year, and I didn't realize that for eight years, I always had a little one with me...until I didn't.


I wonder if, lost in my own selfishness and IMPORTANT THOUGHTS, I even did this to my son when he was little?

I really, really, really, really hope not.

And if I did, I really, really, really hope he doesn't remember.

blue girl

You know, Deeples. My first instinct was to judge him. And harshly. I was tempted to whip my container of Macaroni Salad at his head.

Then I thought of all the strangers who have probably witnessed me being the horrible parent we can all be at times.

Oh, and don't worry. They'll remember our every failure, blame us and probably end up on Dr. Phil's couch!

And then they'll have their own kids. Hee-hee-hee.

Ms. Cornelius

Ugh. I thought mine was waaay too cool and teenager-y, but she just plopped across my lap and made a smacking noise somewhere in the vicinity of my face.

I'll take it. Even when it lasts about two-point-two seconds.

The Viscount


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