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zombie rotten mcdonald

Pinko says if you let Ohio go red, you're out of the club. So, good work.

Many many years ago, a friend and I got completely shit faced, watching horrified as Reagan won for the second time. I couldn't even walk home, let alone go to classes the next day.

I think I may also over-indulge a bit tomorrow night, but with a different feeling....


We don't have early voting in Pennsyltucky. I've never yet had to wait in a line any longer than about three people to vote. It'll be interesting to see if we have any lines, although I'll probably be voting at an "off" time (mid afternoon, as opposed to before or after regular business hours), so I don't anticipate a problem.

We also don't have paper ballots. We switched to electronic voting, which, for obvious reasons, makes me more than just a little nervous. Like I need anything else to be nervous about. I've never been this stressed about an election before.

Here's hoping Ohio reverts to it's 1996 status and turns blue once again.


Early voting went very well in Erie County too. There wasn't a line, but the room was packed. I carefully filled in my Obama/Biden circle standing up with my ballot on the wall, there wasn't even any horizontal writing surface.

It was a relief to have said what I had to say with my vote.

Jill Zimon

Great coverage! Thank you - I was there too and interviewed the woman in the Obama signage!


Waiting to vote tomorrow and then go home and watch the results, I feel like a kid on Christmas Eve.

Kathleen in Oakland

Awesome story BG!!

"Yeah, go over and say you're sorry. You're sorry Bush has been the worst president in the history of this country!"


Kathleen in Oakland

I feel like a kid on Christmas Eve.

totally, except the 3% chance of coal in our stocking is instead 4 years of endless war and possible irredeemability of our country.

Larry Jones

I was hoping to keep my identity secret until I had won a seat on the bench. Whatevs.


The Skimmer totally rocks.

And of course this post has a full-day supply of awesome.


For a second, I thought that was Jackie Onnasis... whooooa....

I can't wait to vote tomorrow. My neighborhood is so excited that people have been shoving hand-drawn maps to the new voting center (since the school it used to be held at is now closed) and I'm busy worrying that my clipped ID will be refused. (Name change, then lost the new ID before it ever got into my wallet, so I'm flying with the old one...)

Also, I TOO have a neighbor Joe.

I like him, but I'm afraid he may be a 'Pub, too... as such, I only discuss zucchinis and tomatoes with him.


I will bring a book tomorrow at 6:30 a.m. and hope I'm not too far back in line for the 7 a.m. opening. I have been listening very respectfully to everyone's opinions these last few months, and I pray to everyone's God(s) that on Wednesday I will be able to say the following to a few people who richly deserve it: "Well, I understand how you feel because I felt the same awful fear four years ago, and all my fears came true and then some. I don't think you have anything to worry about, and I think you'll be pleasantly surprised, but I sure know what you're feeling right now." I can't wait to be very sympathetic to these poor frightened people, not that I'm counting my chickens, or getting cocky, or anything. Because I'm not, just in case any Fates are checking out this blog right now.


I voted already too (and it felt great.) Hanging out at the Obama campaign table in town lately has really been interesting, listening to what folks have to say (would have gone into HQ but it's not accessible- I have however sat at the bottom of the steps and yelled out hello? hello? just to encourage perhaps renting an accessible place NEXT time.)

Dan Leo

Come Wednesday it's gonna be Blue Girl in a Blue State.

And, by the way, the Skimmer is my hero.

Kathleen in Oakland

Sue, that is excellent. **fingers crossed** I will be copying your response.

zombie rotten mcdonald

You're a better person than I am Sue. I will be mocking them mercilessly.

And then I will eat their brains.


I love to stand in line on election day. Honest, I really do. My alarm is set for 6 tomorrow so that I have enough time to shower and go wait outside the polling place for it to open at 7. And the lines are usually pretty short at that time of the day.
I can't wait for tomorrow to finally come! I'm not joking when I say that my waking thought this morning was: "the polls will be open this time tomorrow!" I'm obsessed!


Aren't we so excited blue girly? After the trudge through the moronathon of Chimpy and the evil abbatoir of blood that is Cheney, we are perched like golden eagles on the verge of a new world. And it's going to fucking be blue.


My 11 and 8 year old girls went to school all decked out in red white and blue - they have a mock election and they are both "Blue Nieces...." OMG, I CAN'T WAIT.....I remember 4 years ago taking the girls to school, 1 day after the election and crying my eyes out...this year I have sparklers ready....GO O !!!!!!!


"The worst president in the history of this country...." Thank God it is almost over. A brighter day is here!

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