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Dennis Perrin

The apologies for power have already begun. No wonder liberals have been so mad at right wingers -- the reactionaries have had all the fun in the past 8 years! Now, finally, you get to cheerlead the state as well.

So, Blue -- when do you start your pro-war diary?

John Baker

It's always difficult, keeping hope alive. Especially when many in the media depend on being controversial for their living.


sorry to go all ZRM on you, but i think it's Rahm Emanuel. and apparently he's not an Arab.

zombie rotten mcdonald

Yeah, Dennis.

When will the in-the-tank Liberal Media demand that Obam step down from his failed administration?

How long can a honeymoon period last? Wise up, BG!!


Sometimes I wonder if Dennis and fish aren't one...


Oops... my previous comment was supposed to go on the other post. How did it end up here!?!?

Also, I cannot even BELIEVE that they're blasting Obama before he's even taken the oath. What about the man who is still President!?!? Does he just get a pass for the last 8 years?? Oh yeah, he does. That's right. Clinton is to blame for anything Bush couldn't fix and Obama will be blamed for anything Bush broke.

zombie rotten mcdonald

plus, Clinton got a BJ.

when will Obama resign??

blue girl

Who's blasting?? Who?? I haven't read about it yet...


Wow, there are already "Impeach Obama" groups out there. I can't wait to see Ken Starr running up the tab again. Oh, wait. You need a fiercely divided congress primed for mischief for that kind of behavior to take place, and I thought I heard something recently about... reconciliation? Bridge-building not of the road to nowhere kind? Get to work, Rahm. You've got the skill-set, now make it happen.


I can't remember and I've heard it 20 times on the news. I swore I'd stop watching as much news after the election and I still haven't stopped.

zombie rotten mcdonald

Blue Girl, when are you going to admit that Obama's administration has FAILED and you are just an authoritarian follower?


Emmanuel? It's his AIPAC(ie American Likkud/ neocon warmongers) stamp of approval that's most bothersome . Any hope of a change in our stupid & self-defeating Israeli/Palestinian policies, is probably D.O.A. :(

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