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Sweet. I bought a 98 Wrangler a couple of years ago but not before I looked at an old red jeep, lifted with big tires and a 350 chevy v8 in it. Oh man. Completely impractical but so tempting.


While I completely agree no teenager should drive that, I would have loved a car like that when I was in high school.

We also get the pick-up truck version of that up here a lot. Too cold for a Jeep, though.


I remember an very used car that my brother-in-law once had. The owner before him had put a sign on the dashboard, made from one of those old tape guns, that said, "Remember, you're not Mario Andretti and this is not an Alfa Romeo".

As for the Wranglers, they are fun! I hope you find one that is a little more normal driver-friendly.

Kathleen (in Oakland)


blue girl

a little more normal driver-friendly

Jennifer, I've been on for days. My mind is spinning in circles....

You can't tell from that photo but that thing is HUGE. I'd love to wheel around in it for an hour, but I'm not sure, 1) I'd be able to climb up in it and 2) that I wouldn't just bounce myself right out of it.

When The Skimmer saw that photo he said, "What a swamp buggy."

Great phrase! Described it perfectly.

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