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5? wow that photographer must have a sweet deal!


I only had the one outfit: three-piece brown corduroy wide wale suit with flared legs.



I recall wearing the same thing, but was given the indoor shot and "environmental" shot option. The environmental shot consisted of standing against a backdrop photo of trees...

No one when with me either, but then parents hardly accompanied you anywhere back then. I remember one of my sisters riding her bike home after getting her wisdom teeth out.

My mother still feels like she failed me because I didn't get a class ring. I don't even remember the whole deal now, but they just weren't as popular and for some reason, I didn't get one. She still bemoans her poor judgment...

I'm sure all of BK's photos will be fabulous! 5 outfit changes... dear lord! Are the offering Botox injections on the side? Maybe some teeth whitening?

I think I'm going for the longest comment possible. :)


That should be "no one went" with me either because gawd knows it's ok to make douching jokes, but not ok to make a typo...

Ken Houghton

Being slightly (*cough*) older, we certainly did casual shots as part of senior photos. (In my case, the jacket over the arm.)

The equivalent of your person was a gentleman who did a lot of work for almost everyone. But something happened with his business that year, and a large portion of the class never got their shots (or, at least, didn't get them before the end of the school year).

Five outfits is a lot of changing.




I remember getting mine done too. Seems like EONS ago! It's such a huge production now, isn't it? Funny how things change like that.

Great post!


Weird. I don't think I got any done. Which is just as well, because I did not know how to work it then. Or now. But I had long hair in high school and glasses, so, you know, ew.


Forgive me. But no wonder your mother flinched. I believe Roman Polanski asked a girl to come over for some "casual" photos once. And are you telling me, your boy's a senior and you haven't bought even ONE blue college folder?


soooooo cute, BG!!! although I'm sure that my comment would make BK squirm or sigh! :)

I love the ongoing adventures of BK!


coincidently I just pulled out a copy of my senior picture from a box the other day. I was wearing a green turtleneck sweater that matched my eyes, gold earring and a headband. Upon reflection I think that was the "casual" shot, b/c I vaguely recall refusing with horror the option of pinning some black drape over my bare upper body to show off neck and shoulders in some vile "formal" way. I think pearls might have been involved too. ick.


Oh Shoot BG,

Here I was feeling superior about my mothering skills and ya had to go and knock me back down!! I didn't go to Wrestling Dude's senior picture session. Now that I think about it, I clearly wasn't invited. He went with a friend, probably not a great idea considering the forehead wrinkle standoff. Well, I'm back to where I belong; those superior moments are just an idealistic fantasy anyway.



Oh man... my senior shot was taken by my brother, and featured me sitting up against a willow tree and gazing off into space like I had just smoked a fattie..... Where's my cape? I must be Captain P.R.E.T.E.N.T.I.O.U.S. !!!!

All the worse because else went to the local photographer for theirs, but oh no, I had to be different. (And, not for nothing, I knew it was a ripoff because he had a small-town monopoly) So in the MHS '87 yearbook, I was the only putz staring off into the weeds. Good Times.

blue girl

That is hilarious, Blaiser!! lol

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