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And therefore, all projection is Love.

[/false equivalency department]


I'm so not used to how fast the HBO season go.

I'm still trying to catch up on this one via On Demand. I better hurry... they took Hung away before I could finish that.

blue girl

I'm not either, Jennifer. TV seasons should run as long as TV seasons have always run! It's so ingrained in me.

I wonder if Hung wasn't picked up for a 2nd season? And that's why it's not On Demand anymore. That would be a bummer.

I just Googled something and look what I found. Fun to look at.

blue girl

Just read the 2nd season of Hung will start in the summer of 2010. It makes no sense they took it off On Demand.


I used to have a book in college that had the old schedules, along with a synopsis of the shows. It was indeed fun to look at. I'll never forget some of those line-ups and the nights they played on... back when seasons were normal length and there was some continuity in viewing!!! :)

They'll probably put it back On Demand right before the new season is to start so people can catch up. Why they take it off now?? I have no idea. Are there space limits?? Or maybe they're trying to create demand!! Absence of the Hung makes the heart grow fonder!

I could make this a longer comment if I wanted... but I think I've rambled enough.


they took Hung away before I could finish that

It's not the length of the season, it's how you use it.


No more Mad Men. No more Bored to Death. No more Hung. What's left? Guess I'll just go do some more off-roading in my Cherokee...


I just Googled something and look what I found. Fun to look at.

That is so not the outcome I would have gotten.



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