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Dan Leo

Damn, now I feel like I've been wasting my time because I haven't even seen The Hangover once.



I’m with Brenda on people being obsessed with boasting about not ever having enough time.

Me, too!!!

Frankly, I get reeeeeally tired of people always having to act (I don't believe them all) like they're so frickin' busy that they just can't squeeze in one moment of wonder, or one moment of joy. To them, I give the raspberries.

Yes, I'm busy... some days as busy as sin, but you know what? I never want to be so busy that I'm not aware of the woodpecker on the tree or the shadow in the backyard or the favorite movie that is on, that I'll watch again, even though I've seen it enough.

I did not watch "The Hangover" last night, but did see "He's Just Not That Into You"... twice. :)

I plan on being productive in this new year. Productive for me includes lots of wasting of time. :) It works for me. Things come to me during those times. I'm not giving them up by being too busy to notice.


Dear. Lord.

I'm sorry for the VERY long comment...


Also... "He's Just Not That Into You" was not a favorite movie... but was innocuous and convenient...

blue girl

Jennifer, if I would add up the actual time I've "wasted" by watching the last 20 minutes of "Big" over the last few months, because I think it might be being replayed on HBO into infinity, I might be named the Monumental Time Waster of All Time!

But, I can't help it. I love to watch certain things in that movie. The facial expressions. Elizabeth Perkins' ginormous shoulder pads. The New York apartment. How the little kid actor totally looks like a little Tom Hanks. Or does he? I always analyze it. The way the little Tom Hanks' friend snarls up his face when Elizabeth Perkins tells him she's little Tom Hanks' girlfriend. The houses on the street where he lives. How pretty the houses are! How he shrinks and his suit is too big. I can never stop staring at that movie for one reason or another.

blue girl

Lover Boy, The Hangover is definitely worth seeing, even just once!

zombie rotten mcdonald

I watched three hours of Dirty Jobs last night, rather than working. Although it could be seen as wasting time, I learned about grunting worms and making maple syrup.

I watched the last half of the Hangover sunday night. I don't think it lost anything by being truncated.

blue girl

grunting worms

Ew! lol

The only thing you lost, my friend, is seeing Bradley Cooper in his black suit. Pshaw! Although it may not mean the same thing to you...


You are right: Telling people what they should do is a waste of time. That is, unless they are asking you for advice, of course. Then it becomes about what they did. That can easily become about what they should have done. That is a waste of time.

Since that person sitting in front of you looking for guidance about what they should do is looking for a helping hand. Then what they should have done is not only a waste of time--it is often gratuitously cruel.

zombie rotten mcdonald

I kept trying to figure out which characters in teh Hangover match up with Brando's Vegas adventures.

I don't remember any of Brando's characters wearing a black suit.

Kathleen Maher

My theory on wasted time, which doesn't apply to tedium like waiting in line for hours and then giving up because "I've wasted enough time!", is that any indulgent waste fosters creativity.
Otherwise we'd all work like automatons. Art demands leisure, always has.
This includes those whose artistic contribution consists mostly of loving art, reading fiction (anyone left out there?), listens with appreciation to music, and possibly (I don't know for certain because I'm so deficient here)studies movies and TV shows: your participation completes any artistic endeavor.
As a fiction writer, I'm convinced nothing I write is finished or even real until someone else reads it and either fits it into their own story or rejects it as a failed attempt. Failed art, for me, is better than none.


I'm afraid I don't have enough time to read Jennifer's comment...


Hah! We also watched the Hangover, AGAIN. I wanted to replay the moment of the missing tooth about a million times. That's how hard it makes me laugh. But that would have been a huge waste of time. So we watched The Big Lebowski. Again. And let's talk about a man who really knows how to waste some MAJOR time! It's turning into a theme here....Happy new year, BG. It's grand knowing you.

zombie rotten mcdonald

well, thankfully the Internet helps you avoid wasting time....

blue girl

Hey, everyone, Happy New Year!

And ZRM, don't think I haven't read what you've written over at Jeddie's.

I shall get back at you in the new year -- don't doubt it!

True story.

blue girl

Believe it...or don't!


That last sentence of yours made my eyes cross. But I caught your drift, honest! Happy New Year, BG and Skimmer and Klue Bid!

blue girl

That last one did? I thought that one was pretty tame compared to some of the others. lol

Happy New Year, Wren!

Ronnie Day

Funny,Mike Rowe did his worm grunting about 20 miles from our house.
I have in the past been one of those people who never had time and I am sure I will be again but for the last 4 weeks I have wasted a lot of time and it sure feels good.We have the next 5 nights here in N. Fla below freezing with 2 down in the teens,highs in the upper 40s so I am predicting another week of wasting time,in the past I would have been nuts but this year it just doesn't seem to matter.


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