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Larry Jones

Bittersweet, but still sweet.


I'm exhausted just reading about it. I was going to say you should do like us, and break at least two every year, except I wouldn't dare now. you wouldn't want to break any of those at all!!

lovely post.


You mean it's over already???? And Bossy never even had the chance to wish you Happy Holidays! xoxox


That task awaits me today... or maybe tomorrow... the lamblets asked if I would please do it while they were away. I understood completely.

Lovely post. Bittersweet indeed...

Dan Leo

Well, that was a poem!

(Meanwhile, at Casa Leo, we never did quite get around to putting up Christmas decorations, although the Meeg did buy some, which are still in their boxes...)


What a great post. I hope I live to make it to Libby's senior photo as an ornament, LOL.

Happy New Year to you, The Skimmer, and Blue Kid!


What a lovely, sweet post, BG. To me, there's always something deeply sad about taking down a Christmas tree. It's as if I'm packing away all that goodwill and Christmas spirit and tolerance and love for the year. There it was, building up all through December until the 25th and then ... over. Done. Move on.

It's not really that way. I know that. I have goodwill and tolerance, good spirits and love all year round. But it still seems strange, putting all that sweet symbology away in tissue paper and boxes. Like packing up memories...

Kevin Wolf

Beautiful, BG.

And Happy New Year! to you and yours.


"I took them all down, wrapped them in tissue and tucked them away, along with the last Christmas I had him at home as the child I’ve always known."
Me too. Beautiful.

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