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Such a lucky, lucky girl, you are, BG. There are so many friends who don't. Alas!


I am imagining your friend in a Catwoman-esque suit with thigh-high boots... kickin' some ass!!

blue girl

I'm amazed by it, Brenda. Especially because I've grown far more used to getting sucker punched out of the blue. And when I get sucker punched, she's ready to kick some butt. Which I love and also which totally shocks me and makes me smile.

Now, all that being said, I cannot believe the slacker hasn't been here yet if only to comment on that lead singer in his leather pants and boots at the beginning of that video. Or the cool, bald guitar player and the shot of him at 1:58. Or those gorgeous women playing those violins!

There is much to discuss. Especially those leather pants. lol

blue girl

Jennifer, she'd look good like that! lol


This is the Ass-Kicker from Virginia Beach!

Thank you for that lovely post, BG. It is just so easy to be in your corner because you ARE the coolest person on the planet.

Yesterday's situation truly did deserve my defense because you are the rare person who thinks things through when confronted and doesn't respond with your ego.

Slacker here loved the video; always had a thing for that lead singer with the emotional heart. He has a song that is a beautiful tribute to his deceased mother that is a gem. Of course with my OLD brain, I cannot remember it. You knew I'd love the bald dude.....ya listenin' Skimmer and Cooler?!!

Jennifer, if the Cooler has read your comment, you've just given him his dream fantasy; I can expect a wrapped gift tonight!

Brenda, I am actually the lucky one and I know all of you awesome blogging friends already know that!

Love you Forever BG,

Ass-Kicker (Jenny)

blue girl

"if the Cooler has read your comment, you've just given him his dream fantasy"

Cooler! Get your mind out of the gutter.

Ok. Now back to those leather pants. lol

I read on youtube last night that THIS is the song -- but I thought it was about his grandma, not his mom. But what do I know? Either way, so awesome. And sweet and sad. And makes me love him. And want to be his groupie. lol

Isn't that bald guy cool? Very cool.

Love you, ass kicker! Thanks for always being in my corner. You're a treasure.

blue girl

Also, you KNOW you and I can count on our sons writing such things about us.




I probably made it up in my mind that it was about his mom! LOL!! But, the other song I'm talking about is *When I look to the Sky* -TRAIN. Go. Now. You Tube. Listen to the beautiful words.




Such a great great post. WE all need one of those friends.

Kathleen (in Oakland)

best friends are wonderful

Dan Leo

Friends are better than money.

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