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Everyone else rolled in a half hour later which gave me time to find the paper clips, file folders, printers, rest rooms.

Notice I'm still here, typing on your blog. Meanwhile, when I get to work, everyone else will have already been there.


I love that hour between 5 and 6. It's a good hour.

Good luck, BG! I bet it's going to be hard not showing up in your pj's!


Blogging at 5 A.M.? I'm VERY impressed. Best of luck on the new job!


Break a leg in the new job, BG! As a freelancer, I contemplate full-time employment, but I fear I am unemployable. I admire you.


Congrats on your new job - you'll find your place there soon. At the moment I am entirely incapable of waking at 5am to do anything. So bravo to that too.


Wonderful!!! Good for you!!!
My boss is heading to OH next week, and is meeting with some agencies....we might have to email (realz email) and see if our paths would cross.


OMG! I'm so jealous, BG and I've missed you like mad these past few weeks. I guess you were settling in to your new office! Wow! I'm at a loss for words. Period.

Kathleen Maher

I was going to toss in a "good luck," too. But you'll excel whatever you're doing. You get up at 5, after all; you're clever and sunny; funny but no nonsense.
Chances are, as Blue Kid no longer needs you nearby--and soon he'll be off on his own and up all night if he wants--you'll be freer and freer to focus on your own life. A steady gig will give security and camaraderie...a pay check! and even the kind of identity where you're full-fledged. Like leigh, I admire you. (And I envy you that full-fledged thing--it means you can fly.)


I love that hour between 5 and 6.

That's why it's called Happy Hour.

Oh, wait, you mean 5 am? Can people live that early in the morning?

BG, hope you like the new gig. If you get bored in meetings, just imagine your blog friends making snarky comments about what people are saying.


This is exactly why they made you had time to blog better during reasonable hours!


don't forget your mug!!!


what VE said. you didnt think typepad got rich off of people blogging from their homes did you?

Happy New Job, BG! may the troubles of freelancing be easily forgotten and may your new boss be as good as your old boss, you!


I'm way late to this party, but hey, I hope you're still enjoying that "new job smell" this Monday morning. Change=good.

blue girl

lol @ "that "new job smell"

And there *is* one, I swear to God.

blue girl

aif, that was a sweet comment. Thank you.

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