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zombie rotten mcdonald

I dunno if I can love my life with no bears, no beers, and no girls.


Where did they go? How fun...I remember doing that with my friends....What a memory...Jack and I had a blast, forget the bears, the bears and there were guys and gals....Don't Worry Blue...


What a video!

Awesome, BG.

Larry Jones

I'm down with no bears. One bear can ruin your whole day. And I can live with no beers, too. But no girls? No girls? Do you really want no girls for Blue Kid? Anyway, I'm pretty sure if they find girls in the forest, they are going to keep them. Otherwise who'd make the s'mores?

blue girl

Otherwise who'd make the s'mores?

Sexist s'mores comment!

No Justice, No Peace!

Also, lol @ I'm pretty sure if they find girls in the forest, they are going to keep them.


Love the video, that little girl has it all goin' on!!

Larry Jones

There's a difference between sexism and realism. Boys don't make s'mores. Boys eat s'mores. Did you ever get together with boys and make s'mores? I don't think so.

blue girl

I've never made s'mores, with or without boys!

On a different note, anyone Typepaders out there having problems copying text into the posting area on Typepad's awesome (not) dashboard? I wrote a post last night and paragraphs of copy would not copy over???


BG, camping is only dangerous if you're fornicating out of wedlock near a haunted lake. At least, that's what I learned in the movies.

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