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Claire Helene

I am thinking good thoughts for you. xo

PS: I love the lemon trick.


oh my god, BG. Why haven't I thought of those lemons in the sink?? 155 days on the market and the house we affectionately call the money pit just looks better and better and better. To us. Alas! To us. But to hell with everyone else, I say. It only takes one. In the meantime, go take a snooze in your hammock!


We recommending relaxing, putting one's pantaloons on one leg at a time, and such as.

Dan Leo

It helps to laugh, Beege.


Bake cinnamon buns.
No one can resist cinnamon buns.


And puppies. Give away free puppies to the first party that makes an offer.


Did you bury an upside down St Joseph in the yard? It can even be the bottle of St. Joseph aspirin!

I've never done it, but I hear it works. :) So do the lemons... and the cinnamon buns, or an apple pie.


It's really brutal out there and I feel for you, BG. We got our update from our realtor and I saw our house has been on the market 139 days. That depressed me today.

But The Skimmer is right. Nothing you can do but keep that lemon-fresh scent going. Somebody will buy your place.


you are so adorable BG

best of luck

zombie rotten mcdonald

Good luck to all of you.

blue girl

Cinnamon buns, puppies and apple pies are now on the list! Except I'll have to go shopping for all the ingredients to make the cinn buns and the apple pies. I've thrown away everything in my cupboards! Even the green food coloring!

Jennifer, last week I drove to a Christian store near where I work to buy a statue of St. Joseph! But, I couldn't remember if I was remembering right that is was St. Joseph you were supposed to bury. So, I called the Skimmer. He didn't know either. And we were worried if I bought the wrong Saint, what could possibly happen. So, I called a Catholic friend. Only got her voice mail. Walked into the store trying to figure out what to do. Felt like a heathen to come right out and admit that I was going to do something that some Christian store worker might think was blasphemous. Thought maybe I could lie and say I was "asking for a friend." Then figured it was not good to lie in a Christian store! My phone rang. It was my Catholic friend. She confirmed that it was indeed the St. Joseph I was after. So, I scoured the aisles for the Saint. Keeping in mind that The Skimmer said not to buy a full sized one! lolol But, alas, the Christian store didn't have any life sized or even teeny tiny St. Joseph statues. All they had were Bibles, those little "Love Is" characters and Sarah Palin books.

Wonder what would happen if we buried a Sarah Palin book in our yard? :)

blue girl

Also, good luck to Brenda and Brando! Let me know if you guys want me to send you some Sarah Palin books to bury.


Wonder what would happen if we buried a Sarah Palin book in our yard?

I don't even want think... Maybe that's it. You'd stop thinking... and just blather... and wink. You couldn't stop winking...

zombie rotten mcdonald

Wonder what would happen if we buried a Sarah Palin book in our yard? :)

Your house would lose half it's value, saying it wanted to serve the country through other opportunities.

And then it would start making up words.


Wonder what would happen if we buried a Sarah Palin book in our yard? :)

Did you ever see Poltergeist?

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