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fingers, eyes, toes crossed, BG. I'm sooo pulling for Marmy!

blue girl

Isn't it a strange/funny thought that this Marmy person doesn't know all these people, in different states, are pulling for her? Wonder if she has a funny feeling that she just can't shake.

Kathleen in Oakland

crazy!!! GL


When you're a stranger...


I sold a house to a guy a couple of weeks ago and he wanted to know if this one picture in the living room was the owners' wedding picture! Now, how the heck do I know? And why does he care?"

I laughed and she continued, "And then he asked me to find out because he wanted to keep it!"



What Jennifer said. I mean why in the world someone want someone else's wedding picture? Unless they own a picture framing shop and want to put it in the window in one of their frames.

Nah, just plain creepy!


Maybe it was a very artistic and creative wedding picture. I mean, does anyone think that coveting the American Gothic painting is creepy?

I was at a Fedex Office (ie Kinkos) a few weeks ago and saw a woman getting her wedding picture printed onto a large canvas. It was very good "arty" photography and I could understand why someone would want that.

blue girl

I took it more to mean that this guy thought he should be able to get anything he wanted because it's such a "buyer's market." They've been unusually demanding because they know they are a rare species these days.


Go BG and Skimmer!

It is a very weird market. Buyers know that they can do pretty much anything and the sellers will play along. When I change out of these seller's shoes and into a pair of buyers, I'm making someone dance for my pleasure before I make an offer.

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