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Kevin Baker

I've been taking Centrum Silver for Men, 50+ once a day, every single day for eight weeks.

And your prostate has never been healthier! LOL

Larry Jones

About freakin' time.

By the way, did you see Scarlet Johansson on the Oscar show? Howdja like to hit that?

Kathleen in Oakland

first of all, you made me laugh as usual.

second, you reminded me of reading about Eastern Philosophy in college that talked about the theory that we are only given a certain number of breaths. so take long, slow ones!

blue girl

I would never bleah the Buddha!


If you meet the buddah on the road, bleah him.


Bleah and Ohio's extended winter go together, like Ohio and crappy state politics go together.

Did you see we're having fetus testimony?


I agree with thunder... bleah and late winter (I love the beginning) go together. Spring will come and you know that means!!!! In spring, a young man's fancy turns to thoughts of luv! You'll be ready with those vitamins. Take care, Blue Guy!!


Sooooo glad you are back. Missed you sister.


I only take Centrum Silver for Men because they were out of my Flintstones Chewable Vitamins.

Larry Jones

Did you ever think something's funny in a late-night conversation, and so you say it to the group but it's really kind of inappropriate and actually not even that funny and you think "Yikes! Did I say that out loud?"

Something like that going on with my previous comment above. Sorry.

blue girl

Hey, everyone! So glad to see your names in my comment thread!

lol @ The Skimmer.

Oh, Larry, don't worry. It made me laugh. Then again, I've never been accused of having an *appropriate* sense of humor. :) Plus, I was hoping people would take off on some stereotypical, sexist results to my vitamin intake. There are endless options!


Good. Your writing will help chase my own bleahs away.

blue girl

Thanks, Snag. That was sweet. Hope you're doing good!


i am in my bleah coccoon, and soon i will emerge a beautiful fuzzy slake moth! or not - looking forward to more 50+ jokes in the future

Another Kiwi

What a cool post. However as a lazy bastard who wants to do writing, I can see a clash on the horizon.
Sorry about the upside down winter but there is no reason to send it down here, actually


BG, if you feel the need to buy a convertible sports car, adjust your dosage.

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