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so how come you aren't calling the fire trucks?


Oh I know! I read that the other day and found myself standing and applauding my computer.

Ross has got to be so far in the closet, he'll never find his way out.

blue girl

aif, who'd *want* to put that fire out?! Not me, that's for sure!

Jennifer, her righteous anger was infectious! You could feel the driving energy. I *love* when posts chug along like that, gaining speed with every word. Bravo to her!


About all I can say for the NYT is that it hasn't plummeted quite as low as the WaPoop.


It's still the paper of record, thunder. If you're against the New York Times, you're pretty much 1. seeing things as black and white and 2. against conventional print journalism.

Like all complex structures, it ain't perfect. I'm a Susie Bright fan, and I'm admittedly underread on Ross (and right away believe the column in question is at least 70% as worrisome as Susie's trying to make it), but with Op-Ed writers doesn't one have to take the good with the bad? One of Frank Rich's points in his beautifully crafted and humble final NYT opinion piece was a reiteration of his claim that the Times never censored him. So must it be with Douhat.


I think a paper striving for all of its writers to be good is not too much to ask for.

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