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I loved this when I read it and thought of my info patterns... wanting to be connected and hating being connected... wanting info/distraction, hating info distraction. Wanting to read something REAL and then not having the patience...

There comes a time when I feel like a rat in a Skinner Box, trying to push some magic bar that will give me a pertinent info pellet!!! And that is usually the time when I need to turn away and put on the blinders.


The first thing I look at in the morning is my phone, an Android of some sort, which I struggle to operate. I'm middle-aged but have the technical savvy of someone much older.

Eyephone? How can your eye hear the little voices?


Oh, Droidphone. See, I can't see!

blue girl

You don't hear voices on phones these days, thunder, you read on them! That's why they're eyephones!

Jennifer, scanning the headlines everyday, it's like...

Oh, another earthquake.

Look at that, we're going to war again.

Oh, look, another state just passed a conceal carry law.

At least JA feels panic. I just sort of feel numb by all the bad stuff these days!

blue girl

Information overload.


I have tried as I get older to not panic over the impersonal: Wars, financial crises, political gridlock, and other assorted shenanigans. I get mad at them or concerned, but not panicked. If I sat down and though about something like how many nukes are being held in unstable regions that are also right near terrorists who would love nothing better than to get their hands on one, I'd have a hard time getting out of bed in the morning.

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