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I'm only a sorta-old!


Planet of the Blind
was an awesome book.

And of course, I always loved that photo... Sure, Steve looks great, but the pooch! Oh, the pooch! Corky... right??

I'm glad you had a get-together BG!

blue girl

shundra, if you're a former bell bottom wearer, is that still a "sorta" category? :)

Jennifer, I met Nira last night. You would have loved her! She was such a sweet doll, you would have smooched her. Or, are pooch smooches spooches?




shundra, if you're a former bell bottom wearer, is that still a "sorta" category? :)


Was Connie there? I can't remember if you've met her before or not.

Grizzled and I had a very impromptu dinner with Snag last night and then gave him a ride to the airport. Snag is also a sweet doll, but I did not smooch him. :)

blue girl

If you did smooch Snag, I think you would have snooched him.

Unfortunately, Connie was not there! She's out of town with her friends--girls weekend away.

Fun that last night was Fun with Blogging Friends Thursday for us!


I think Snag eats snooches... barbequed ones.

blue girl

BBQ Snooch. A rare delicacy only for those with discriminating taste.

zombie rotten mcdonald

I had a lot of Patron in First Avenue. It is possible that I smooched Snag.

I certainly smooched Lucy.

Sneetches Snootches Bootches! Snootchie Bootchies! OK officer I'll come quietly.

blue girl


Steve Kuusisto

Hi BG: I'm so pleased to be on your blog! I had a dream with Lou Reed in it last night! He was singing something that I couldn't hear because it was a dream but I knew he was singing "The Last Great American Whale".


my feelings on reading this were a high of "yay blogging friends! Oh! beautiful poetry! ACK bbq snooch I may vomit. Sigh. Lou Reed."

Zombie rotten mcdonald

I believe Kathleen speaks for all of us

blue girl

Dreaming of Lou Reed.

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