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funny, that is how dr. mrs. fish talks about me.

blue girl

fish, no matter *what* ZRM says, you CANNOT be as weird and creepy as the GOP is nowadays.


Well sure, beege.

YOU TRY promoting a reptiloid from outer space as your candidate.

That's a marketing test if there ever was one.

blue girl

I wanna be a Dr. Mrs.

zombie rotten mcdonald

Hey now. I never say anything bad about Mah Fren Fish.

blue girl

If that were true, it would be weird. And creepy.

blue girl

fish is always to blame.

Except when Pinko Punko is.

blue girl

Or can we blame them equally?

blue girl

I want to go on-topic for a second. Is Fox News on board with Mitt? Are they all lining up? Is Shep going against the tide there? For now?

zombie rotten mcdonald

Shep occasionally wanders off the reservation.

he'll get a couple jolts from the Correction Shorts and fall right into place.

blue girl

I remember him showing his humanity during Hurricane Katrina... as I sat on the couch, horror-stricken by it all.

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