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zombie rotten mcdonald

That SOB is seeing into my head.


At least he can write it out. All I can do is draw.

And I sit at my desk, and draw. And I draw. and draw, and draw.

zombie rotten mcdonald

ooo, wait, better:

My writer dream is that one of my friends, who writes, becomes deservedly successful and famous and wealthy, and we work together to design the most lovely urban hermitage, artistic and human and sustainable, the best place to be a writing human...

and then I write about the experience, and I become a deservedly successful and famous and wealthy writer-architect....

blue girl

I hope your dream comes true, ZRM! That would be awesome. The kind of world I'd love to live in.

blue girl

All I can do is draw.

All you can do is draw. And write.

It's a shame, really, doing both so well.


I got a dragonfly.

blue girl

That is excellent, thunder!!


Thanks, beege.

It is a Halloween Pennant, Celithemis eponina.

blue girl

Celithemis eponina

I'll try to remember that!

The Skimmer said he thinks it would be cool if it was 6' wide. Just huge, flying around. :)

Larry Jones

Hi Beege! I had a variation on that dream in which I hoped to become a musician and then I was trapped six nights a week playing crappy cover songs for drunks. Even Billy Joel songs.

blue girl

Hi Larry! Nice to see you.

I hoped to become a musician

You are a musician!

And even if you became a world famous one, you'd still be playing for drunks.

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