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blue girl

LOL, it's not just flashing cursors I can't stand. WHY CAN'T I GET THE STUPID VIDEO TO EMBED IN THIS POST FOR THE LOVE OF PETE?

blue girl

Don't know what the video is? You'll have to *sense* it.

blue girl

Pon pon dipadee, dipadee pon pon. Pon pon dipadee, dipadee pon pon. Pon pon dipadee, dipadee pon pon... and so on.

blue girl

Man! I am such a tech whiz!! Nobody beats me!

zombie rotten mcdonald

I thought your assignment was BLUE.

blue girl

I am going to write, I mean, craft jokes on yellow legal pads. So, with your assignment in mind, I guess I'll just have to make them really dirty jokes.

And I mean, really dirty.

zombie rotten mcdonald

I have a blue legal pad.


Happy New Year, BG. :)

blue girl

I have a blue legal pad.

If I used it, I would have to change my headline. Or it wouldn't count.

Happy New Year to you too Jennifer!

Cheers, all!


How about a Glue Eagle pad?

blue girl

Is one allowed to write really dirty jokes on a legal pad?

Another Kiwi

Mainly they would have to be sub penis.

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