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Ken Houghton

My daughter read that history book that Beverly Cleary wrote about "cursive writing." Is this supposed to be an example of that? Or one of those iPhone things?

zombie rotten mcdonald

well played indeed, Beege.

blue girl

Hee hee

blue girl

Hi Ken, SOMEONE was making fun of me b/c I like to use Word to write my posts. And b/c it was an old fashioned letter, Gramma couldn't use links! This comment thread has background:

Although, I love Beverly Cleary! I'll have to look up that book.

zombie rotten mcdonald

actually, the Wordpress blog editor window does word counts too.


zrm's words don't count.

zombie rotten mcdonald

my current post HAS NO WORDS.

zombie rotten mcdonald

"kid blogger" heh.

Larry Jones

That is some beautiful old fashioned penmanship. I have completely forgotten how to make most capital letters. Way to go, Gramma.



blue girl

Print these, Larry Dear, and practice today!

blue girl

actually, the Wordpress blog editor window does word counts too.

Typepad does too but the count is not accurate!

zombie rotten mcdonald

TypePad's word count? Or yours?


I have no idea what that says. I put it into google translate and nothing comes out.

blue girl

So many loops and squiggles!

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