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zombie rotten mcdonald

You should still be in jail.

blue girl

Little League jail!!

Ken Houghton

Safe to assume the umpire called Tyler out, since you interfered with the play?

blue girl

Hi Ken, Happy New Year!

Don't remember. But, if that's the rule, it's probably safe to assume that. Now that I think about it, it would have to be the rule, or you'd have coaches running 8 year olds by the seats of their pants around the bases 24/7!

blue girl

TYLER UPDATE: A couple of years ago I was grocery shopping and Tyler was my cashier. He's about 6' 4". Huge guy. I didn't introduce myself and he didn't remember me. Thought it best not to remind him of my dastardly coaching moment. He's probably blocked the incident from his memory! Poor thing.

zombie rotten mcdonald

He's probably still damaged by the experience. I mean, the only job he could get is as cashier! Like that guy in the Shawshank movie.

zombie rotten mcdonald

But really, they had no business putting a MOM in at Third Base coach.

blue girl

Like that guy in the Shawshank movie.



Bad calls bad calls
Whatcha gonna do?
Whatcha gonna do when mom grabs your shirt...

blue girl

But really, they had no business putting a MOM in at Third Base coach.

Watch it, buddy.

Larry Jones

Do you feel better, confessing after all these years?

blue girl

Hi Larry, I've confessed this a million times. WHILE I'M VERY SORRY ABOUT IT, I find it hilarious. lol


That guy laughing was me. Or at least it would have been me. I think I would still be laughing...

blue girl

Nothing but love for ya, fish. :)

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