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Taking care of two condos isn't a whole lot of work, unless you consider the psychic damage.

He could grow mushrooms in the closet.


P.S. I'm glad that you're back on blooger, b.g.

Is this temporary, or have you wisely abandoned FaceHell for good?


There is a lot of self sacrifice to choose to work for you ex-FIL so you can be there for your kids. Must sting every time he sees the 3rd husband.

blue girl

lol @ He could grow mushrooms in the closet.

thunder, my goal with this writing challenge is to get back to my writing/blogging daily! Woo hoo! (And yes, I've been off the Face of Hell for quite awhile now. Another: Woo hoo!)

fish, I know! That is a huge self sacrifice! I wonder if it stings. I imagine that it would, but maybe it doesn't at all!

blue girl

I'm just gonna add another one of these: !

Cuz I don't think I used enough above.

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