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HELP! I'm trapped in my armor!!!

zombie rotten mcdonald

how much they ignore their fears of being hurt or caught out or humiliated.

I found that meetings and projects started to go much better once I recognized that pretty much everybody feels like they are faking it, and they are terrified that someone will catch on.

It makes other people's actions much more understandable.

zombie rotten mcdonald

...It also makes a lot of that Queen of Versaille movie a lot more understandable.

Although it still just pissed me off. What self-absorbed wankers. So self-absorbed they never seemed to consider how they were going to come across in movie. "Well, at least you won't have to CLEAN it, Rosita!" It was like a really bad reality show. Starring the Palins.

blue girl

What did you say, Skimmer?! I can't hear you!! I'm hiding under the bed!

blue girl

...It also makes a lot of that Queen of Versaille movie a lot more understandable.

I know. Remember the part when David Siegel is talking about his mom and the Hershey bar?

zombie rotten mcdonald

Anyways, the bloggerhood is a ghost town, tumbleweeds and crazy homeless people, a skinny dog barking from the end of the street....


What, you been starving Lucy, zrm?

zombie rotten mcdonald

depends on how hungover I am., that comment works in SURPRISING number of contexts.

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