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Salesman Three: Alterations

"I'm sorry, but you have to want to change, or it won't work."

blue girl

Awesome. Blue Kid would appreciate that.

zombie rotten mcdonald

Were the ears extra?


And my children wonder why my most often used word these days seems to be A**HOLE! I don't even have to say it, they can tell I'm thinking it by my one raised eyebrow and half-staff eyelids...

brenda cullerton

LOLOLOL... and oh how i love 'good luck with that!'

blue girl

Dealing with the store has been a TRIP! The "good luck with that" guy was one tough cookie. I had to pull info out of him iota by iota.

But then all of the other things have been surreal. Like we're dealing with the Suit Store in Space. Everyone floating around, making weird comments about the money and when we can pick it up.

Like buying a suit in The Twilight Zone!

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