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Ken Houghton

With the exception of the couple in the lower-right,* the tax increase is entirely in the return to full funding of their Social Security. I believe I can count the number of times the WSJ editorialized about the need to preserve that particular deduction on the fingers of Captain Hook's hook.

*Math sidetrack: Investment Income=$180K. At current rates, that should be about a 3% return tops, so let's say 5%. $180K * 20 = $3.6MM in non-sheltered investments, at minimum.

Only two possible conclusions: (1) they are even more mythical and less sympathetic than the single-mother image in the upper left and (2) they need to hire my accountant. Or at least an accountant.

zombie rotten mcdonald

TBogg and Mock Paper Scissors have both ripped this pretty thoroughly, as has Charlie Pierce.

It's remarkably pulled-from-their-asses, as well as pretty far above the norm for American lifestyles. A single mom making $260K??!?!?? I'll have one of what they're having!

zombie rotten mcdonald

Retired couple are so sad. They must feel so bad only having $180,000! They are so SAD because even the single women (SLUTS!!!) are making more than they are!!

zombie rotten mcdonald

Seriously, I feel so bad for thes Sadly McSadface Families. I hope they add a Paypal "donate" button!

blue girl

I don't read Tbogg anymore. He can be too toxic for me on things.

But! I haven't been reading Charles Pierce and I should be! Don't have him bookmarked on the new computer. I have to fix that now.

Also, a Tim Foley gets credit for that editorial illustration. Wonder what he, an artist, I presume, thought as he was putting that together?

blue girl

I'm assuming it's still tough in this climate for an artist to hope to make as much as Single Parent.

blue girl

Comment on Pierce's post:

The median income in this country is ~$50,000. All of the white people in the graphic are in the top 3%, even the retired blahs are in the top 5%. Why oh why are they all so sad?

"the retired blahs"

Oh, Rick Santorum. We owe you so much.

zombie rotten mcdonald

Wonder what he, an artist, I presume, thought as he was putting that together?

"Fuck you, editorial douchebags. I'll be lucky to gross as much as one of these imaginary sad motherfuckers are supposed to pay in taxes! Goddam check better clear or I have a #5 X-Acto knife with your damn name on it...."

Sorry for the cussing. It was Tim!

zombie rotten mcdonald

To be fair, it's a helluva lot easier to be a single parent on $260K than it is on $24K.

blue girl

LOL @ to be fair

blue girl

Tim'll be lucky if he gets paid in 180 days.

Another Kiwi

I think that the single woman on $230,000 looks a bit cross rather than sad. Probably she saw some poors in her neighbourhood or sumthin' and she's thinking "What do I pay Xe Corp. for?"


It's all so very sad.

I will feel sorry for them while I roast my sparrow on a curtain rod under the highway.

zombie rotten mcdonald

They are all so sad when they think of those Lucky Duckies making $12,000 a year who don't have to pay taxes (federal) at ALL!

blue girl

LOL, this illustration just shows how ridiculous that argument is/was! And that b/c they made $12,000 and didn't pay any taxes, they should be SO HAPPY! (If I could draw, I'd do an illustration of it.)

AK, you are right. She looks ticked. Maybe more ticked than Married Couple Dad. So, maybe what's required is an attitude tax. Or a ticked tax. Haha ticked tax.

zombie rotten mcdonald

Apparently, it was hard for Tim to combine Asian-American and Sad-American.

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