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zombie rotten mcdonald

What a remarkably ugly house. Money can't buy taste.

blue girl

The 25,000 sf one or the 90,000 one?

zombie rotten mcdonald

the smaller one. The bigger one wasn't finished. I have no doubt it would have been even uglier. TRUMP-level ugly.

blue girl

It was all very Trump-esque.


I had a boss who got very wealthy in the early 90s (I figure I personally put about 7 million in his khaki pockets, but I'm not bitter). He built a 14,000 house just south of Silicon Valley. It was actually pretty cool, with a state of the art central sound system, lots of custom painted murals on the walls and even a secret room for the kids to play in behind a built-in bookshelf. But I used to wander around in there thinking the very SIZE of the thing made it a monstrosity. I was uncomfortable with the weird mis-match of scale - human habitation should be human sized, and you can spend a great deal of money building a 3500 foot house just the way you want it and that's about as big as you can ever imagine a dwelling should be...

zombie rotten mcdonald

I can't imagine what you COULD do with 90,000 SF. The last building I did of that scale ended up being 34 loft apartments; BIG ones, too.

blue girl

and even a secret room for the kids to play in behind a built-in bookshelf.

I want one!

I was uncomfortable with the weird mis-match of scale - human habitation should be human sized

I think it's just that you can get very used to whatever size place you are living in. It might feel HUGE when you first move in and then after awhile, it just becomes normal.

There's a "side story" in the documentary about one of their children -- she was the daughter of the wife's brother, he and she were estranged and her biological mother had died, so the Siegel's adopted her. She was very poor in her previous life and now was part of a fairy tale rich life. Ongoing throughout the doc, she talks about it, and says how she's become used to it, and now it's weird that she just always wants more.

blue girl

34 loft apartments

I want one!

blue girl

So many different things I couldn't written about this doc, but I ONLY HAD 100 WORDS.

David Siegel, the husband, claims to be *personally responsible* for getting GWB elected. He was asked how. He said, "I don't want to answer that. There could have been illegal things."

Really? You don't say.

Not sure if the guy truly had a hand in it, or if his overly inflated ego allows him to believe it.

zombie rotten mcdonald

you doing the 50-100-50 thing again, are you?

blue girl

Yeah, wanna join in?


I signed up for the 5 words and a picture deal.

zombie rotten mcdonald

well, it seems nobody wants me on the Robotics team, so I should have lots of time to blog again.

zombie rotten mcdonald

a Picture Deal? Sounds Hollywood!

blue girl


Drop and give me another 99.

blue girl

thunder, Cool! Maybe I could possibly write a 100 word post related to one of your 5 words and picture deals!

zombie rotten mcdonald

Imma go the other direction. I am leaving every post up until it gets 100 comments.

zombie rotten mcdonald

ten kitchens? TEN KITCHENS??!?!?!?!?

Dammit, that's IT. These people need to go away a lot. I am starting on a guillotine right now.

5 million dollars of marble. Sheesh.

Nice to see he can chuckle about the Iraq war though. Some people are awful.


preach ZRM

blue girl

5 million dollars of marble.

I tried to keep that in my post. 5 words too many!! Maybe thunder can use it in one of his.

I changed it to $5,000,000,000. One word too many.

Hi Kathleen!!

zombie rotten mcdonald

Maybe thunder can use it in one of his.

Only if he can blame it on Obama.

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