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This made me smirk. :) Thanks.

Ken Houghton

Ah, the David Duchovny problem. (See the scene in Fight the Future where he says, "Want to see it again?")

Wife worked with Mr. Willis briefly (subway scene in DH III that appears to have been cut ultimately). Getting paid for holding his water bottle and staring at his, er, posterior for a day is one of her fondest memories.

She also notes that he is the one who was always cited in NYC acting classes as the guy who made it on hard work. (Contra the multigeneration performers--think Gwyneth or Laura Linney--who could just tell their parents they wanted to show off new acting chops and expect that said 'rents would gather friends.)

blue girl

Happy to make you smirk, Jennifer. :)


Getting paid for holding his water bottle and staring at his, er, posterior for a day is one of her fondest memories.

I can see that. lol

And his hard working ways doesn't surprise me at all. He's a hard working, lovable smirker. :)

zombie rotten mcdonald

This post felt very familiar to me.

blue girl

Oh no! AND he had robots!


I love Crow. He's a robot, but he's cute.


I forgot, I was going to ask how Looper was. I was going to watch it in the middle of the night the other night when I couldn't sleep, but was not sure I wanted to invest my insomnia in it. Was it worth watching?

blue girl

It was ok. I found myself watching how they made it so much and considering what they were thinking about when making certain decisions that I'd lose the story at times. :)

One thing I found out from watching it, though. I have a massive crush on Emily Blunt.

blue girl

Actually, I think I fell for her during The Adjustment Bureau. :) That would be a good one to watch when you can't sleep.


"my taxi can fly"

zombie rotten mcdonald

I kind of like the Die Hard movies.

blue girl


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