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zombie rotten mcdonald

My extensions never do that for me.

zombie rotten mcdonald

50 days already?

blue girl

Gotta take a small break.


When I was in Yosemite last year all the Rangers kept complimenting me on my hair.

So if you're wondering what the constituency for really long grey hair might be, it's park rangers.

And bears. The bears dug it too...

zombie rotten mcdonald

Gotta take a small break.

Can't say you shouldn't take one. I take 'em all the time. Breaking the rules is the best part about having rules.

I just get spoiled, what with having you and Jennifer posting again. It's like the old days!


Pinko, too, zrm.

zombie rotten mcdonald

Pinko hates me.


I left my super powers somewhere... I did not leave crumbs.

blue girl

I left my super powers somewhere too, Jennifer!

ZRM, Pinko hates me more than he hates you.

blue girl

When I was in Yosemite last year all the Rangers kept complimenting me on my hair.


brenda cullerton

OK. Well, it's now obvious what I'm missing in MY life. Who'd a thunk? But I'm headed out right now for those extensions.... Will instagram you with results.(NOT)

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