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zombie rotten mcdonald

Fire up the Bassoons!

blue girl

I'm not sure Billy Joel would let you play his bassoons.

zombie rotten mcdonald

I have heard that Bill is very open-minded.

blue girl

Did you watch that? It made me cry.


Absolutely terrific, Blue Girl, as they say, "A real moment!"

How magnanimous of Billy Joel to let the kid do his thing, patiently waiting out the riffs so he could shine. Great. Not many performers would let someone come up on stage in the first place.

Also loved how Joel accidentally slipped into Sinatra then kept it up.

blue girl

Hi scribbler!

Wonder how BJ felt just being the singer without being able to "hide" behind the piano? He had to take himself out of his comfort zone to be able to let that kid have his moment in the sun, which was really generous of him.

It was a *wonderful* thing he did!


Speaking of "out of his comfort zone", I once heard or read somewhere that Nat King Cole, THE GREAT NAT KING COLE, when he first got his television show was very insecure when he had to stand alone and sing to piano accompaniment. So in the beginning to provide a security blanket he would stand beside the piano so he could either lean on it or touch it in some way. Can you imagine? With a voice like that to be insecure?

So yeah, Billy Joel, whose voice ain't what it used to be, showed some real cojones standing in one.


It was very nice.

And I've never been a Billy Joel fan.

blue girl

scribbler, Barbra Streisand STILL has stage fright! BARBRA STREISAND for cryin' out loud.

Also, notice how Billy Joel put on his dark sunglasses before singing.

Speaking of nerves, but on a different topic: If you ever watch The Daily Show, notice how his guests sip whatever is in the cup in front of them. They're not thirsty, you can tell. It's pure nerves.

blue girl

Hi thunder!

blue girl

If ZRM is still reading... this is Brando's RUSH fantasy! Or my Mick Jagger fantasy... come true.



I do watch the Daily Show every single night, and you're right, those cups of whatever are often "Linus blankets". After every response they'll lean in and reach for the cup.

And how about on the Colbert Show? His character has no rules to follow (EVERY thing is a joke) so you really have to be brave to sit at that table. Cup or no cup. (Or you really have to want to sell a book!)

blue girl

"Linus blankets"... Perfect!

Regarding my TV boyfriend, Steve Colbert... It's a special kind of person who can give as good as he gets with Mr. Colbert. It's always interesting to see who can take him on! It's rare. Colbert is so quick!

zombie rotten mcdonald

They're not thirsty, you can tell. It's pure nerves.

"Nerves". Is that a type of gin?


I cried as well... and then I read the mean comments after (not here, but on gawker)... I'm tired of mean.

blue girl

and then I read the mean comments after (not here, but on gawker)... I'm tired of mean.

Ugh, I am so over mean, too. Mean, hateful, self-important, trying to be too cool for school... the list seems endless anymore! Someone called comment threads and social media a "shared social psychosis" -- and that pretty much hit the nail on the head!

Larry Jones

Billy Joel... chili bowl. More than a coincidence?

Larry Jones

Here's another inspirational "schmoe-from-the-audience has his dream come true" story:

blue girl

Journey Schmoe!

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