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And besides, I’ve spent 13 years teaching my son that when they rely on cursing and sex in a movie or TV show, where it just seems out of place, the only reason they are doing it is because either the writers are too lazy or the people making the show are too focused on making money.

How then could I explain Pulp Fiction to my 13 year old?

Admit you've been BSing him and that there are bigger problems in life than "the f word"?

Or, Jesus, just let go a bit and trust you've raised the kid well enough he can figure it out for himself?

Precocious kids are fine and all but at some point you probably have to let them be actual human beings.

I'm not a big believer in telling people how to raise their kids or anything but hey, you asked.


Apparently italics tags don't work on this site. So just imagine the quote is in quotes, I guess.

blue girl

Ahhh! My 13 year old has an ally. I'll show him your comment tonight to initiate yet another discussion on "why words matter."

My only worry: When I tell him something from now on, he may respond, "Stop BSing me. I AM an actual human being, you know."

Thanks for reading.


Hey there - okay so I have 2 young girls, 4 and 7 - with recent conversations regarding the sexuality of "Sponge Bob" and a 7 year old that like you, Blue Girl, loves to dive into the news and read everything, when watching the news, sex, violence, sex, violence EVERYWHERE!!! Movies vs the 6 o'clock news - not sure there is a difference just that in movies there is an on going story line - how do we know that we are not living in the "Truman Show?"
My belief is, our children are as good as genetics, family, friends, nature, nurture makes them.....Your son sounds very cool!! I like The Doors and I turned out alright?

Blue Girl in a Red City

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