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BG - My comment ont his blog is so heart felt because I as a woman, a mother, someone with common sense - of course, "w" has not contacted the family post election - what was he going to say - "sorry folks, I have not one idoda of what is going on -let me confer with my cabinet and find out as much as I can - and in that instant the Inaugeration parade comes on and there is Mr. Dick Chaney, wife and his granddaughters parading down Penny. Ave with a wind chill of like 32 below and his granddaughters have no hats, no gloves and are shivering - (they could not cover up this fact) yet Mrs. had a hat -why should any more thought be given to those parents in Batavia Ohio - they don't have common sense about thier own families let alone someone elses. I am so sorry to the Maupin's. I will pray every day....


Me again, I mean Cheney.....

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Great blog- please stop by mine.
That is so sad. Each time Cheney got defered, someone went in his place in 'Nam- he learned the wrong lesson.


Hi Gotham: I can't get to your site for some reason -- it just comes up as an empty page -- I've tried 2 computers -- any ideas? Hopefully, your checking here!

The Heretik

A bittersweet lament here. Thanks, blue.

SSG SuzAnne Honeycutt

I remember the first time i saw Matt. I was standing in a PX. He was the cover of the Army Times. I just stood there looking at him. I had to have the edition. I myself was preparing to deploy to Iraq as a part time soldier. I remember thinking Jesus, how do you not find a missing soldier. What about the creed no man left behind? Having served my tour and with two more soldiers missing in action, i contemplate on all those who have died over there as well as the missing. what about no man left behind.......To me those who died and those who are missing have been left behind. we may have brought the bodies or body parts home of those killed over there but what about their souls. To me they were left behind. The soldiers do we go on about our day knowing they are out there somewhere.... Mr. Bush, as if you would read this, how do you sleep at night. I firmly believe your pretty little girls should experience first hand what you have allowed us to experience. Perhaps then you would be able to tell us honestly what this is all about. I could go on but it would be the ramblings of a sad soldier who has not forgotten the missing or the dead.

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