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Shakespeare's Sister

I don't have much to add, except this little tidbit from Ron Reagan today. He asked the question: " If Michael Isikoff was set up, can he -- should he reveal his source? And if so, what would be the implications?"

Now if that happens, I will write about it with pleasure! :)


If you are Yoda, then the Force is with you in a major way. You go girl! :-)


Link to quiz.

Put your cursor over the picture and right-click; Look for "Copy link location" (if you're in Firefox.) In IE there's something similar.

blue girl

Hi Linkmeister: Thanks for the help, but unfortunately, I have no "right clicking" possibilities! And I have no idea what Firefox is! A browser? I'm on a MAC and my browser is Netscape 7.2. (and Macs don't left or right click) Is Firefox a browser? Anyway, thanks for trying. I appreciate it!

Hey, did you hear Ken T. on Diane Rehm today?


You're not using Safari? That's the extent of my Mac browser knowledge, so no further questions will be entertained. ;)

We don't get Diane Rehm's show out here, despite two public radio streams, and I have to say I like the lineup we have, so I'd hate to give up a show to get hers. There was a horrific outcry a few years back when the local guys put on "The Connection" in place of the CBC's "As It Happens," and I suspect it would happen again if they put Rehm on. The gripe that time was, "Who needs another American call-in show?"


Yoda? Wow, we are talking like major Force action. It's like you are Gandolf the White. Of course, I'll bet you're not up on Lord Of The Rings, are you?

blue girl

Rook, I hate to say it, but no, I'm not up on Lord of the Rings, either.

As my husband and son say -- I like drown in misery with my movie selections. Anything about the Holocaust, war, etc. And I'm really into documentaries. I heard the new doc on Enron is really good and I have to get it.

Although on the lighter/brighter side, I love the movie, "Love Actually." -- and have watched it probably 20 times!

blue girl

Linkmeister, you would have "enjoyed" the CPB show/Ken T. with Diane Rehm.

It won't be long until Gospel and Country Western music permeates NPR's airwaves.


Can you cut and paste? Go to the first page of your quiz. Cut out the address in your browser box. Go back to typepad, click on the picture of th elink, and past the address into the box that pops up.

If there is some other way to make a link, it's not lazy enough for me.

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