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Lance Mannion

Somehow I always knew you looked like Carol Alt.

blue girl

Who am I to disagree with what you think you've always known?

Got that? Good. It was quite the tongue-twister!


Er, speechless I am in the presence of such, erudition.

blue girl

I know Linkmeister -- there really are no words to describe how much my new bang length and Carol Alt's bang length have in common.

And I hope you guys are getting some sort of charge over how many times I am banging out the word "bang" on this post!

I'm sure the traffic to this site is going to increase day.


I'd bang either of your lengths.


Well, it's been near-24 hours (since the 1st comment anyway). So -- report! How's the traffic to your blog now? Spiking? My interest is purely ... er, scientific. And I was reading the pics ... I mean, the column. Really.

blue girl

Scourge! Just checked -- Incredible -- I've had close to 300 hits today -- that is truly a sharp spike for me. Yay!

Although most are reading the post about my robbery where I come off "fragile." -- When in reality, I'm not.

I can totally kick-butt and take names -- if there's not a gun in my face!

And guys -- my husband thinks you all got totally ripped off. The last photo of the hippie-chick cheesecake? She's totally naked all the way down to her toes.

The only clothing she's got on is that scarf around her head.

My husband thinks I should put it up for all of you --

But, I'm afraid that Gonzales would show up at my door!

The Heretik

Add me to the people who will no longer be seen in a bikini draped over a palm tree.


ahí va, te he pillao unas foticos eh

Michael Bains

That Amparos has such a nice way with words, eh.

So you've STILL not posted the whole pic. {sighhhhh}


Bobby Lightfoot

yeah, i was doing a google search on "banging" and ended up here. Word.

blue girl

Bobby Lightfoot's in the house!


Carol Alt is hot.

I reserve judgement of hotness on those I have not seen, but I give BG all the benefit of the doubt I can without being a creepazoid.

Besides, I still say grody now and then.


You are a Rooster tease!

blue girl



Have you been trying to think of the perfect comment for more than two years now?

hippie boy

Im a little late on reading this post but I was wondering where you found that pick of the hippie girl and guy? How can I get to see the rest of it? Oh and if you have a notice saying it links to over 18 content and the pic there you cant get in trouble for anything anyway.
It helps to learn the laws


can you give me the full picture, the lsat one on the page.

ricardo espinel

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Sweet. Peace, love, and compassion. This IS the dawning of the age of aquarius.

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