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Viscount LaCarte

They are both good but I *really* like the second one. He reminds me of Magritte in concept but with his own style. I hope he is using his talent to some degree. I know lots of artists don't want to "sell out" and I understand the sentiment, but as I get older I also know that you have to do something for pay (unless you are in "the club") and if you have talent it can be gratifying to use it even for commercial purposes.

I am friends with a brilliant musician who could have easily done sessions but he didn't want to "sell out." His original work was very creative but not easily marketable to the masses. For a while he was clerking at a stationery store and I couldn't understand how that was better than doing sessions. If I am honest, I have to admit there was some envy in that equation. I am also somewhat of a musician but it doesn't come easy. I have to work on my parts before they are ready so that avenue was not really open to me.

This story does have a happy ending. He went back to school and got his master's degree and now he has a position with UNICEF at the UN...

blue girl

Hi Viscount, funny you bring up "selling out" -- I'm working on a "selling out" post -- but I'm all tongue tied today -- or my fingers are frozen -- or however you say it when writing does not come easy.

My husband's an art director. He and I have our own little agency - so he puts his creativity to work every day -- and then most people "KaBam" him over the head for his ideas!!

But, his *art* side -- hopefully my words will start flowing freely and you'll read about it soon!

Thanks for dropping by.

res publica

Those are both really nice, Blue. I would totally buy them. Well, if I worked for in the for-profit sector and could afford to, that is.

blue girl

We're doing tons of work right now for non-profits with zero budgets.

So, I can totally relate.


So do they have price tags? And sizes? I like them, too.

Probably he needs to start an art web site and take bids for originals.

blue girl

Hi Scorpio: You know, let me talk to him about it. You're right, he should have an art web site. We've got so much art in the basement and have been really lax the last few years about getting him into galleries -- or marketing him at all for that matter.

Good idea -- I'll get back to ya.

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