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res publica

okay, that's totally did you make that?? The only weird thing is I think maybe that's an older symbol for "t". I learned "t" as hand closed (like a fist) with thumb sticking out between the first and second fingers. Of course, the blessed thing about ASL is that each sign corresponds to a whole word, so you only have to spell out names, or things you don't know the sign for (which means I spell a lot, but it makes your hand tired, so it's a great motivator to learn the right signs). ASL is really interesting. Anyway, thank you for the compliment. You're pretty damned cool yourself. :)

blue girl

Hey Res, how'd I do it? I totally have magical powers. And don't ever forget it!

Glad you liked it.

I'm off now -- to a 4th Party. Let the weekend begin!

res publica

Well rock on with your magical powers then. Have fun! I'm just trying to work up the motivation to get my lazy ass out of bed.

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