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Yeah, sorry I don't have trackbacks. I'll probably do the haloscan thing soon. Thanks for the background on the American Conservative. Still don't know if they're trustworthy though. And very nice post, but hey, maybe I'm biased. At the very least, the dialogue with your husband is hilarious.

blue girl

Jedmunds, how do you know when a magazine has integrity? How do you judge that?

Which magazine would your consider the best? And what is the criteria?

Does this sound like a pop quiz??!! Didn't mean it to -- but, have been wondering if there's anyone left with any integrity anymore.

Just when you think you trust someone, Kaboom! They let you down with some sort of wieselly behavior...


All your fault BG. What started out as a comment on this morphed into my maiden post over at The Viscounts page. :)


I know, Blue Girl. These days it's pretty hard to trust anyone, I'd say. I think whether to trust a given story though is heavily context dependent. As far as this particular one goes, I'd like to see it independently corroborated in a few places before I went around bandying it about as fact. Though I suppose this magazine maybe more um "reputable" --if that's somewhat close to the right word -- than it was when it was just some publication I had never heard of before with the word conservative in its title. But I don't know. Is Pat Buchanan more reputable than William Kristol? Pop quiz :)


Viscount, I like that Swift quote you have. I was actually going to use that specific quote to lead off the post I lost.

blue girl

Viscount! Viscount! I am so happy you have chosen to write a *proper* blog.

Till we meet...again.



The quote is there to remind me, because I keep forgetting!

BG: Thanks for the vote of confidence.

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