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res publica

Has anyone ever looked more agressively White Anglo-Saxon Protestant? (yeah, I know he's Roman Catholic, but GAWD...just look at him!) He's a Stepford Judge.

blue girl

I know. He's whiter than white!

I think "Joe Blow" would've been a more controversial name -- than "John Roberts."

Go here:

to see what Roxanne thought of him.

...right on the money!

res publica

Yeah, I saw that picture. It's the last thing I saw, because it made me go blind.

Shakespeare's Sister

SS: Hope gals like us can laugh together a few years from now -- they won't be able to take that away from us girls....will they?

Oh good lord I hope not!!!

(Btw, I look exactly like a Campbell's Soup Kid, which I suspect will make picturing me composing such missives in the future just that much funnier, lol.) :-)

res publica

Sweet, delicious friday!

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