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Kevin Wolf

Yeah, the old liberal media canard.

The reason a right wing jerk like Rush has his fans is because he makes these people feel better about their hatefulness and stupidity. He validates all of it. And of course it's much easier to think in black and white, attack rather than discuss, etc.

The reason "centrists" like they have on MSNBC and the like have their viewers is because - well, exactly the same reason, even if the illusion of discourse is added.

Gary Qualls I can forgive - he bought the lie, he's paying for it as Cindy Sheehan is, and he doesn't want to think his son died for nothing.

The rest of these bastards should be called on their moronic shit, their programs and sponsors boycotted, and our backs turned on them once and for all. Let's drop the illusion/delusion of discourse that lets them maintain the upper hand. We don't need them at all.

Viscount LaCarte

Your choice of the Joni Mitchell lyric was not lost on me.

I've said it here before, but I think it is important to say it over and over. They were scared to death of a Dean candidacy, even if they fixed the election and he had no chance, they didn't want him saying things like this:

Doesn't matter if he was "too liberal" for the DLC or "not liberal enough" for the progressive democrats. We needed him to blast the truth in speeches all over the country, with media coverage, and the death of his candidacy was a serious setback.

"It's life's illusions I recall / I really don't know life - at all."

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