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Viscount LaCarte

I think this one is one of the best ones ever!


What an idiat!

blue girl

Al -- !

This is now one of my favorite's good to laugh. Good for the soul. Thank you for turning me on to it!

Viscount LaCarte

Always a pleasure BG! He is taking next week off so don't worry when it isn't updated.

Kevin Wolf

I also enjoyed that link. And that photo was definitely tops.

Wasn't there discussion in this very blog not too long ago about the possibility that the fringe elements attracted to Cindy's camp might provide ammunition for the right? (Though Rush simply starting in calling them all kooks anyway, dead sons and all.) Seems both sides have that liability.

Thing is, on the left they're the fringe; on the right they're the base.


OMG! - How I love that picture! Great find!


Schoolyards are inherently fun, what with the slides, the swings, the monkey bars. It's as if they were made for fun in a completely wholesome way. It only makes sense that going schoolyard is likewise fun. Also, Get a Brain! Morans is one of the best pictures ever. Well worth a thousand words.

Hope your businessiness subsides, unless of course it would be really bad if it did, in which case I don't.

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