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Dear BG,

My "work from his home" client doesn't recognize weekends, so I'm likely to get phone calls in the midst of "Sunday Night Baseball (thanks to the magic of time zones, on at 2:00pm Sunday afternoons). What should I do?


Pinko Punko

bg! bg! bg! bg!

blue girl

PP: I feel grateful that you have blessed me with your presence here today.

Should I thank Cookie Jesus? Oh, Sweet Cookie Jesus!


Ahh yes, Happy Bunny...a busy boy this time of the week. I get visits from him in the off-peak hours - say, 3-6am on other days -particularly those when Aged Patient has been especially snarky. I give in to his blandishments by catching the [adult swim] repeats, laying out the day's meds, and looking forward to turning down the baby monitor at 9 for 3 hrs of safe sleep and untethered dreams.
Thanks for reminding us, BG!

The Viscount LaCarte

Before I started my propperblog (inside reference) I was getting into a space of "we're ok - and the people we are trying to help hate us anyway - they call us 'liberals,' 'traitors,' 'elitists,' 'feminazis' (showing their hand right there!) and 'communists.' To hell with them! Time to embrace benevolent hedonism!"

I miss it!

Not really. Just have to kick back and let it go for awhile and come back later refreshed.

Maybe I will form a church: "The First Church of the Benevolent Hendonist." Anyone wanna join? The obligations will be "Virtual Tithing" (you have give me 10% of your insightful comments) and "Do What you will but hurt no one."

Pinko Punko

Sign me up for that church!


Viscount, can I form a companion church? The Church of the Virulent Hedonist? 'Cause sometimes I'm not feeling so charitable towards those people and might have to violate that second obligation you mention.

blue girl

Dear Aggravated -- do you have Caller I.D.? If not get it! Then let your VM take his message -- listen to his whining, then you can decide whether or not to call him back right away!

Al, seems you already have a following. Count me in. I'll be the singer of the church! (And I can also design the programs!)

Kevin Wolf

Sadly, I didn't see your post until my weekend was nearly over, but at least I hadn't killed anybody in the meantime...

blue girl

Kevin! You seemed to be having a great Friday -- all your joking! --even without Happy Bunny!

blue girl

Kevin, one more thought:

"but at least I hadn't killed anybody in the meantime..."

Just remember -- there's always tomorrow! :)


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