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The lack of seasons is one of the few physical drawbacks to living in the tropics. I haven't lived anywhere where there was a recognizable "fall" since 1974, but I still miss that crispness in the air. Since I once bought something from LL Bean, I still get the occasional catalog from them, and that adds to the nostalgia.


I want endless summers! But we had a great one too and crisp fall days have a wonderful charm. But summer flies by.

The Viscount LaCarte

I miss the sort of fall you describe living here in Atlanta. We do get 4 seasons, but blink and you will miss Spring and Fall.

The summer down here is hot.

Winter here is the oddest. It can get down into the teens, but you don't get those long cold snaps that last 3 weeks at a time, and you get a lot of nice days mixed in between the cold days. A lot of the time it is 40's during the day and 30's at night.

But Fall? Fall is the best in the North. Here it seems to last about a day...

blue girl

Hi Al, I'm sorry you don't get to experience fall longer than a day -- but, I have to say your description of winter is awesome.

Summer up here this year was just like what I would think it was down there...too, too much for me.


I like the smells and air that change as the seasons change. Every change brings back memories...

cali dem

I love fall the best. Beautiful excerpt from Lamott.

Have you heard the song "Autumn Sweater" by Yo La Tengo?

This isn't it:

A warm day here. Pool is at 86 deg. We'll be doing some nite swimming later...

blue girl

Hi Cali Dem: That song was beautiful. Very haunting...everyone who visits here will love it.

Thanks for sharing...

cali dem

blue girl,

I'm becoming very fond of your blog since discovering only earlier today. May I link to it? ~ cali

blue girl

Link away Cali! Link away! :)

cali dem

Link away Cali! Link away! :)

Posted by: blue girl | August 28, 2005

I will with great pleasure.

BTW - Thanks for all your encouragement. ~ cali

cali dem

Blue girl,

I've finally located an mp3 of YLT's Autumn Sweater (acoustic version).

for you:

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