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Thanks for the awesome plug! She is a real girlfriend this time heh. Although my fake ones are kinda more intense but not a lot.

blue girl

I still really miss Bong-cha...

Kevin Wolf

I'll check out Bob's blog as soon as I finish this comment!

Oh, wait - I could have just gone right there...


You're on a roll, girl! Bob is a find - I'm going to have to go back thru his archives. Think he can find me a male secretary (ahem - Ad. Assistant)? Not shy about looking hunky, is Bob?
Speaking of vacs - looks like I have one coming up next week. Just an ample weekend, but my first since 2/04. Amazing what even a short holiday can do for you - I'm already feeling the energy.
Glad you were finally able to give post at Res's!

blue girl

Oooh Grisha -- I'm so glad you are getting away. It does the spirit good.

And yes, Bobness is awesome -- looks great -- writes great. He's awesome. Do go back through his archives. I had a hard time last night writing that because I kept reading through all his old stuff.

And you never know about, ahem, the male secretary thing. Father Bobness does indeed possess special powers!

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