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res publica

Lord, that was good. You and your "good writing", making the rest of us look like jerks. In all seriousness, though, an amazing post. I loved "Bird by Bird", and also "Traveling Mercies".


Whew -- that was heavy!

I remember the days of the index cards and the writing I would deliver from them. Damn that brother of mine for throwing them on the floor!

blue girl

Res, I just finished "Traveling Mercies." I love her!! As I got closer to finishing it I started reading slower -- cuz I didn't want it to end!

Thanks for stopping by Stebbijo -- it wasn't "meant" to be heavy -- just a way to use that cool poem! Happy Birthday -- hope it was a good one!


I'm nodding Blue Girl.


I don't feel comforable typing on my computer either. I dream of buying a laptop, so I can lay in bed and lazily blog. I have such a hard time concentrating at a desk.

Anyway, good post.

Lance Mannion

I actually blog on paper using a paper. Then I hand the stuff to my secretary to type into the computer. I write by candlelight too and ride a horse to town.

Index cards? Never thought of that. I carry a pocket notebook everywhere. I don't carry a pen everywhere, which makes having the notebook useless, except that it looks cool peeking out of my pocket. Not as cool as a pocket protector full of pens but still.

Plus, anybody who creates an image of herself standing naked under fluorescent lights deserves to be stared at as if she's standing there naked under fluorescent lights.


Also with my post, I was just trying to make my blog better you know, not provide a template of universal application.

And as far as the intelligent and initimidating bit, come on, you're like whiskers on jackals and raindrops on habenero peppers.


Isn't the intense struggle to write the mark of a good writer? If it was easy, everyone would do it. (Well, I guess these days everyone does, but not necessarily well.)


A few things about writing and your blog:

1) No-one is an expert, they just *think* they are.

2) Each writer's voice is unique, and that's what makes everyone intersting, so use your own and syntax and diction and let the naysayers be damned.

3) If you sit down and write everyday simply for the sake of writing you are *practising your craft*. You don't learn to write by not writing.

4) Besides all that, I've never read anything here that wasn't already well-thought out and well-written.

You're already a great writer, and the personal humanity that shines through in your posts is why I have you bookmarked. If I wanted to read a newspaper for impartial and unimpassioned 'news of the day' I would. I'd much rather see it filtered through Human Eyes.

blue girl

Thanks Simon. That was nice of you to write that...

Made my day!


Wow! What a poem and blog post. You have nailed all the insecurities a writer feels when sitting alone in the dimly lit privacy of the home office. I tend to not think of writing for anybody else, but myself. It's not that I'm selfish or arrogant, it's just that if I thought of everyone who might read what I write, I would be paralyzed and never able to write another word. So, I remain, blissfully oblivious.

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