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"They turn in clusters, because their roots connect them."

I have no idea what that could possibly mean, but it certainly does seem like a coded message.

blue girl


Didn't you read what I THINK IT MEANS?

Don't you think my interpretation's a major possibility?


I'm not trying to downplay you're code-cracking skills agent Blue Girl, and yeah that's a possibility, but I don't think we could come up with something we could really be certain about. Just persuasive sounding stuff. Know what I mean?

Think about this "Come back to work -- and life."

Come back to work -- and lie.

come back to work -- and live.


Let's not get too out there on this yet though. Definitely interesting and fun to speculate on though.

blue girl

OMG, you're such a buzz kill.

I'm totally right.


Sorry. I don't doubt you. honest.


Great post, blue girl. The fix is in.

Kevin Wolf

Geez, BG, I'd best be careful of the content of my posts from now on!

blue girl

Jedmunds: "Let's not get too out there on this yet though."

I took it about as far as any conspiracy nut could!!


I think we could take it farther. And I'll prove it...


I prefer to believe, naive liberal that I am, that Miller is acting out of principle.

It seems to me that Libby thinks that he's "clean". But it looks to me like Miller's testimony is only being solicited to co-oborate physical evidendece and the testimony of others - she's not central to proving any crimes.

So in the best of all possible worlds, Libby is bringing a swifter end to this power-drunk administration.

teh l4m3

Oy, honey, you could give Umberto Ecco an aneurysm. I approve.


I think it was more of a threat than anything. Honestly, how about: a permanent "vacation" out west around the root clusters, unless you come back to work (with us) in which case you will live. I'll be keeping my eye on you, so don't try anything.

blue girl

Ahhh, yes -- the old concrete shoes message hidden within botanical coding! You should enter Jedmunds contest!


Or was it a hint to come work for another paper where she can't bother them so easily?

blue girl

Oh yes, Catherine - *paper* is made from *trees* -- GOOD ONE!! You could be onto something big!!

Jedmunds must know about this!!


I've been scorched!

res publica

I think I need more coffee or something, because this post confused the hell outta me.


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