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res publica

No one else got it. That's the edition they print just for you. Because, they're all out to get you, Blue Girl. And eventually, they will.

Sweet dreams!

cali dem

It's a big stinking conspiracy. Judith Miller is the anit-Christ.

The Viscount LaCarte

That is odd.

If you hear from them, please post the follow-up.

Probably just incompetence, but I'd love to hear their explanation.


Used to get the NYT on Sundays & I'm pretty sure they had some regional variations from the paper the New Yorkers see. Maybe they thought our virgin Midwestern eyes couldn't handle such a weighty issue and added a few extra pages of articles on the arts in New York to make up for it?

blue girl

Hi Al, yes I will -- If they don't call me back by 2 p.m. --- I'm gonna call them again.

PD: Re the regional variations -- I figured that at first - but, CA, PA and CO all got the good one....I also thought about them protecting our midwestern eyes. I say "phooey" in my best midwestern accent!!

blue girl

PD: They wouldn't add the extra pages to the Arts section -- after all, we're not cultured neither in these here red states!


I no longer get newspapers, I just visit the Web Sites...

Save the trees!


Wait a minute, I think everyone's glossing over the important issue here.

There was an article in the NYT about beer pong?! That's frickin' awesome!


At Agitprop, we have inaugurated a Cheney Death Watch and are chilling the champagne.

blue girl

Blogenfreude: I'll bring a case of the best bubbly --

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