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Kevin Wolf

Gee, I too was talking with a friend last night and we discussed Bush and the evil Cheney and the state of America and on and on ... and it was not a happy conversation.

He was pessimistic that anything could snap people out of it, get them to see the path we're on. He pointed to the solid 40% that still support Bush in everything EVEN GIVEN all of the revelations about what these bastards are doing.

A sober and a somber conversation it was.

The Viscount

I think it is time YOU take a trip to Wal*Mart and buys some sparkle season trinkets...

Jeez Blue, thanks for publishing that. It was very sobering.


That's the Ghost of Christmas future talking, not the Ghost of Christmas Past. Americans have forgotten what the road to wholesale misery and ruin looks like and will learn it again only with great pain to the nation.

green libertarian

What is most worrisome is that the economic model we operate under is only capable of working in the era of cheap oil and gas. Oh sure, yeah, there's lots of coal, but to burn it cleanly basically makes it a net even energy transaction, in other words, takes almost as much energy to get it out and clean it up, as the energy you'll get out of it. And we simply can't keep putting more and more greenhouse gases into the atmosphere. Once cheap oil goes away, the carrying capacity of the earth is greatly diminished. The oil will never run out, but it's price will not allow for widespread standard of living anything like America's, or even a lessor developed country like Portugal, for example. Petro agriculture will not be possible at sky-high oil prices. Organic ag is actually sustainable, and can be as productive as petro ag, but requires a huge shift in the agricultural economy away from the ADMs to local and regional food distribution systems. In any case, it will not be possible to economically ship agricultural products all around the world.

The only thing that will work and keep the average joe and jill out of complete abject poverty and death by starvation, will be a massive switch to renewable energy systems, and a gigantic curbing of energy demand. Whether or not there is the leadership in the world to effect such change before it's too late is doubtful.

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