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Adorable Girlfriend

The cake is beautiful. You are amazing!


It should be a hat - the kind Irene Dunne used to wear in The White Cliffs of Dover. In fact, they should put it on the top of her bust in the forecourt of St. Johns Hospital in Santa Monica (I promise you, there is one...).
Utterly brilliant, as usual, and I am honored, and in deep deep pastry debt to you - not to mention all that I owe you for your support and kindness this year.
Giant smoochies and there's a cocktail of mammoth proportions waiting for you (you like negronis????)!!

Adorable Girlfriend

Cosmos? Nobody told me about the cosmos being served over here.

Hiccup, I will be over shortly.

Lance Mannion


I've got a birthday coming up. Just a hint.


Happy Anniversary! Where's your post trumpeting yourself? It's that pesky modesty of yours at work again, isn't it. We've got to cure you of that. Nobody likes a goody goody, you know.


I heard there were hot lesbians somewhere?

Could you point me in teh right direction? Or at least give me one of those bees.

blue girl

When is it Mannion? You've got to give me enough time. The ingredients are soooooo hard to come by. I must start making contacts with my secret agents throughout the world as soon as humanly possible. But have no doubt. Bond Blue Girl will get the job done.

Chuckles: Stop talking about me and AG. Shhhhhh! Secrets, secrets.


BG: You make me laugh!

Lance, Uma is at the party at RoD. Get your tuckus there if you want to hit that.

Chuckie: is this all you are going to do today? Run from blog to blog talking about lesbians. Are you in 7th grade? Geesh, it was like kewl the first time I made out with a girl, but now, unless she's super hot or your woman, I am not all 7th grade.


Uma I have loved since Dangerous Liaisons,....
"Goody-goody," eh, M. Lance? Pure camo - let's me walk the Mean Streets unmolested (mostly), a seeming innocent, but not to forget that I grew up on the South Side of Chicago, and have eyes in the back of my head, ears that pick up the whisper of trainers at two blocks.
This just makes life interesting.

Lance Mannion

BG and AG sitting in a tree?


Guy walks innocently into a blog looking for some wholesome entertainment and perhaps some enlightment and edification, and what does he find?

He's wandered onto the set of Red Shoes Diaries.

No wonder I'm drawn here like a bee to a sunflower.

Lance Mannion


So you're well prepared for life in Beaverton, where sin walks naked through the streets and only might is right?


Lance, you came over looking for more than that and you know it. What the more is, well I don't know, but we all know it was more.


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