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The Viscount

It IS news when a member of BushCo takes responsibility for anything that goes wrong. They also take credit for other's achievements.

blue girl

Like my husband says, "they are nothing but a sharp stick in the eye -- day after day."

Jess D'Zerts

I don't blog politics very often, but Cheney's such an inspiration. You might want to see how Republican inbreeding preserves their gene pool: Who says the times are a-changin'?

Michael Bains

I thought his inevitable acceptance of responsibility so out of character for this Admin that I co-opted an Award for him!

What a guy! {shakin'head}

Oh! Ya got Shakespeare's Sister linked. I'm off ... (but dig the site, which I found via TTLB, so will return for more true Blue.)

Lance Mannion

After a very short time, the driving force behind the coverage of any story in the media is the reporters', editors', and producers' wish to declare it over and announce a happy ending. Failing that, they want it to turn into a bigger story. The shooting was doing neither. Since it appears that the guy he shot will live, Cheney accepting blame comes as close to a big soppy finish as they're going to get.

blue girl

The media -- at least the people I listen to and watch -- are still pushing the story from the angle of *the bigger picture* -- which is the pattern of secrecy, the disdain for the media and the overall arrogance they display. And at least Chris Matthews keep driving home the point that Cheney is the most powerful VP in history -- and keeps questioning if all he does is truly appropriate.

I've seen some on the right in the media saying the same.

Maybe you're right, LM -- but, I'm hoping that the media is finally so pissed off at these guys for trying to minimalize their place in our society -- that maybe *their not going to take it anymore.* --

One can dream.

Kevin Wolf

BG: I had the same thoughts when I saw the coverage and I was sorely tempted to do my own post, but I think you've done the job.

When they said Cheney "took responsibility" I thought, Well, he is the one who shot the man. Someone else should step forward?

Earl Bockenfeld

Harry Whittington apologized today for the deep distress he caused the vice president by getting ... you know ... shot by him, according to the Associated Press.

In other news, Nancy Kerrigan offered an apology to Tonya Harding for ice-skating in her vicinity and asbestos victims offered Halliburton a heart-felt mea culpa for breathing while on the job.

It reminds me of the Stalinist purge trials - how the accused would apologise for their 'crimes' against the Leader and then ask, nay demand, that they be shot. Lightbulbs! I'm off to the greeting card factory to start a whole new line: "I'm Sorry for Letting You Hurt Me"

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